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Information for Authors

The editors welcome articles which contain an original contribution to the study and practice of liturgy and worship. Articles should not normally have been published elsewhere. Research students are asked to check their university's regulations about publication of material before examination. Normally, articles are between 5,000 and 8,000 words. We will from time to time publish short articles of 3,000 words. The reviews editor will advise reviewers.


Submission of Manuscript


Articles should be submitted in accordance with the detailed style guide.

Before submitting your article you should read the style guide and consult a volume of Anaphora in order to conform to all aspects of the journal's style, especially the referencing and bibliography conventions.


The Process

Articles are reviewed by the editorial team, by an independent reader and by the copy editor. Authors will be notified if their article has been accepted for publication by the lead editor for a particular volume. The editors may request corrections and amendments to the article to ensure that it conforms to the journal’s style or to aid clarity of expression. The article is sent to a professional copy editor who may make alterations to aid clarity and accuracy, but the copy editor will not check factual accuracy or bibliographic details.


When the article has been amended to the satisfaction of the lead editor it is formatted for publication and sent electronically as a PDF file to the author. It is not possible for the author to make any substantial changes after this point unless a gross inaccuracy has been identified. Where such changes are minor the editors will make these themselves and undertake the final preparations for publication.


Authors of will receive final proofs as a PDF file and two copies of the journal in which it is printed.


Book Reviews

We endeavour to review all significant new works of liturgical scholarship in Anaphora .A similar process is undertaken with regard to book reviews by the Review Editor; however the authors of reviews will not receive proofs nor additional copies of the journal.


Reviews should be 500-1,000 words in length. Most reviewers find 750 words a comfortable length,

but much depends on the nature of the work being reviewed. Longer review articles of 3,000 words

(maximum) are occasionally accepted.

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