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Formed in 1978 to:

  • encourage research into all and any aspect of Christian worship

  • promote the study of liturgy and worship within theological faculties and ministerial training programs

  • provide opportunities for the dissemination of new work in the field through conferences and publications

  • encourage the exchange of information and ideas about liturgical worship between churches

  • support the churches in promoting excellence in the practice of worship.


Membership of the Society is open to anyone with an interest in the history development and practice of Christian worship in all its various and diverse forms.


The Society holds a biennial conference, open to all, where members and invited speakers give major papers on a predetermined theme.
Past conferences have been dedicated to Music, the Worship Space, Liturgical Theology, Symbolism in the Liturgy, Liturgical Formation, Scripture in Worship.



Anaphora, is an ecumenical, international and interdisciplinary journal in liturgy and worship

published by the Society.

Anaphora publishes articles of a scholarly nature on all aspects of Christian liturgy and worship. It will appeal to researchers, academics and students of

liturgy, members of denominational liturgical com-

mittees, and those with an informed interest.

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