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The Biennial Conference 2016

Role and Ritual in Worship

Dates From Tuesday 23 to Thursday 25 August 2016

Keynote Address: The Right Reverend Michael Perham

The Mirfield Liturgical Institute at the College of the Resurrection,
Mirfield, West Yorkshire, UK

he theme of the Society's conference in 2016 is Ritual and Role in Worship.

The theme has been defined in a deliberately broad way and is intended permit a wide-ranging exploration which could include any aspect of ritual and role, such as verbal and non-verbal communication action, text, gesture and choreography as well as art and architecture and other aspects of ritual context and setting. It may include examination of presidential and non-presidential roles, congregational participation, leadership and authority.

Our keynote speaker, the Right Revd Michael Perham will speak on the subject of ‘The Bishop in the Liturgy’, which we hope will lend itself to comparative thinking in the wider field of roles in worship and their ritual implications.

Louis Weil’s recent book “Liturgical Sense” (New York: Seabury, 2013) invited people to reflect and revisit how they preside in the liturgy and it is perhaps time to reflect on the concept of change in relation to presidency and leadership of worship.

In the context of the conference ‘Worship’ is intended to be construed as encompassing all types and styles of corporate worship not limited to, although including, eucharistic worship, services of the word, initiation services and other pastoral offices.

The full programme and the list of papers is set out on the pages for each day on this web-site.