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2016 - Role and Ritual in Worship

The theme of the Society's conference in 2016 was Ritual and Role in Worship.

The theme permitted a wide-ranging exploration of aspects of ritual and role, such as verbal and non-verbal communication action, text, gesture and choreography as well as art and architecture and other aspects of ritual context and setting.  Our keynote speaker, the late Bishop Michael Perham, spoke on the subject of ‘The Bishop in the Liturgy’.


The Revd Professor Bryan Spinks:
From Functional to Artistic?
The Development of the Fraction in the Syrian Orthodox Tradition

Dr Christopher McElroy:
The drama of the Liturgy

The Revd Lore Chumbley:
Sursum Corda: Ascent and Elevation in Worship

The Revd Professor Thomas Whelan:
Worship as Liminal Space

The Revd Canon Dr James Steven:
Common Prayer at Taizé: Brother Roger as Liturgical Leader

Carolynn Pritchard:
Role-Play and Ritual-Play in Worship: the Easter Dance of Pilota

 Keynote Address: The Rt Revd Michael Perham:
The Bishop in the Liturgy

 Benedict Yates:
Role, Identity and Authority: Vesting the Orders of Ministry for Worship

Professor David Duce:
Computer Sci-ence Meets Liturgical Studies, Thoughts on a role for computer  modelling

The Revd Tom McLean:
The Sacramentary of Sarapi-on as Liturgical Expression of Athana-sian Pneumatology

Dr Bridget Nichols:

Whom do you seek? Gendered Ritual Roles and the Discomforts of Acknowledgement

The Revd Dr Catherine Reid:

Liturgy’s Soul: An Exploration of the Epiphan-ic Nature of Liturgy

The Revd Professor Peter McGrail:

Liturgical Participation: Reclaiming the Body